About Graspian


Graspian was founded in 2020 by Christian Bjerrum-Niese and Sepideh Naserbakht. At the time, Christian was working on commercialisation nanosensors at Stensborg A/S.
Christian proposed to create tactile gripping tools using proprietary force sensors, and with the support of Stensborg senior management, he was encouraged to start a new company.

Soft funding was achieved from Danish Innovation Fund in 2021, and later that year we secured our first round of working capital from a group of private investors.
Our vision is to add the sense of touch to robots.

What we do

In many robotic gripping applications, the object is either soft or fragile, or its location is unknwon. In such cases conventional grippers can be inadequate. Graspian introduces a gripping tool equipped with advanced tactile sensors. By adding advanced sensing capabilities, we resolve difficult grassing challenges.

The Graspian team

Anders S. Frandsen


Anders has more than 20 years of experience in management and product development from both start-ups and established corporations. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics from the Engineering College of Copenhagen.

Anders Eiersted Molzen

Assistant electrical engineer

Anders has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Electrical Engineering, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. He has experience in development of hardware and firmware for modules for robotic sensors.

Alex Morbelli-Zinck

Mechanical Engineer

Alex studies Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark and works as mechanical engineer at Graspian.

Gustav Jespersen

Mechanical Engineer

Gustav studies Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, and works as mechanical engineer at Graspian.

The Graspian Board of Directors

Torben Jacobsen

Board Chairman & Investor

Torben is a seasoned board and management executive

Torben Graspian Board

Per Ibsen

Board member & Lead investor

Per is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, board executive and deep-tech innovator

Lars Ulrik Nielsen

Board member & Investor

Lars is a partner of 2C Engineering. He is a seasoned technology innovator with a strong profile in mechanical and electrical design

Christian Bjerrum-Niese


Pierre d'Hermilly

Board member

Pierre is a seasoned entrepreneur, he has experience in business development and as CEO.

Silvia Tolu

Board Member

Silvia brings valuable insights to our company about robotics and smart sensors for grasping and manipulation by means of her research in Neurorobotics at the Automation and Control group DTU Technical University of Denmark.

Silvia is an Associate Professor at DTU electro (Electrical and Photonics Engineering Department) where she leads the Neurorobotics Technology Laboratory (NRT-LAB). Her work encompasses advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems for human-robot-environment interactions.