Your partner for customized robotic tools

At Graspian we offer integrators of robotic systems to develop their end-of-arm tools customized to solve specific challenges. Our services include both design, prototyping and production of the final tools in whatever quantity needed.

We engage with our customers through a phased project-model. Through close collaboration during the entire project we ensure smooth integration of our tool to the robot.

Contact us to discuss how Graspian can help solve your automation needs.


Our end-of-arm tools enable the following benefits for end-users of robots equipped with our tools:

  • Handling of irregular, fragile and/or slipping objects
  • Adaptation to unknown and changing work environments
  • Customization to specific task(s)

Read more about our core robotic-arm sensors at our technology page.

Featured product examples

Below you will find examples of end-of-arm tools that we have developed. The products are meant as inspiration and to give you an idea about the type of end-of-arm tools we can build.

If the product examples do not match your specific requirements  please, contact us to discuss a customized tool.

KLT Box Tool

Gripper tool designed for the widely used KLT Boxes. The tool’s low height enables handling of boxes on shelves with limited space above the boxes.

Parallel Gripper Tool

Servo-electric flexible Parallel Gripper tool with built-in force feedback. The tool works within very large stroke and gripping force ranges.