What is the difference between haptic vs tactile sensing? 

  • Haptic sensing relates to any sense of touch and is a combination of two sensing abilities. One part of haptic sensing is tactile sensing, which is the detection of force on the skin surface, whereas the other part of haptic sensing is kinesthetic, meaning the sensing of body movement and muscle strength.
  • Tactile sensing engages directly with an object in order identify object features like edges, holes, surface friction and overall ensuring a good grip of an object. This allows the avoidance of dropping, bruising or other means of damaging and object.
  • Kinesthetic sensing detects the mass and torque moment of an object, when it is being lifted and moved.
  • In the world of robots, kinesthetic sensing is represented by internal force-torque sensors, typically placed at the joints between rigid parts. The equivalence to humans’ tactile sensing is rarely used in robotics, however it is Graspians company vision to change that.